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The Lee brand arrived on the sunny shores of Australia in September 1973, bringing the iconic American brand to the denim loving hipsters of the 70's.

Throughout the 70's and 80's Lee built its reputation through word-of-mouth, creating an iconic brand through the adoption by subcultures such as the Sharpies and Skins who fused a love of punk, rock and hedonistic rebellion with denim style.

Always first to market with the latest innovation in denim, Lee released stretch denim into the Australian market in 1980s - within 18 months, the trend for stretch denim had sky rocketed establishing Lee's reputation as the purveyors of the latest denim trends.

In the 90's Lee continued to push boundaries constantly developing new innovation and firmly establishing a place amongst whatever new trends were fuelling the latest in pop culture.

In an age of blockbuster campaigns Lee established a reputation for delivering cutting edge creative - a trend that has continued into the noughties.

Today Lee has defined a unique place within Australia and New Zealand moving with progressive trends in music, fashion and pop culture to emerge on the scene with a new interpretation.

  • Address : P.O Box 45326 Abu Dhabi,UAE
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